Breaking The Code Of The Hidden Job Market In Business

After a decade of recruiting new graduates for finance, accounting and management-related positions, I learned the BEST place to start with your job search is in the hidden job market.

What’s the “Hidden Job Market” you ask?

The hidden job market is all of those positions that get filled without a formal posting.  It may be because someone knew someone …or, because they just went back to the hiring pool from the last round … or, because you walked-into someone’s life at the right time (in person or in resume).

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Many positions (in finance, accounting and management) are not hired through the HR Department. Often they are hired directly through the finance or accounting departments. If not directly with those departments, the managers or department heads will, at the very least, have lots to say about who they will hire. These types of positions often translate into the hidden job market … these are often positions that go unadvertised. Often they discuss their workloads and need for more help around a boardroom table in another related meeting and that is when the ‘soft-search’ (read hidden job market) begins.

I have many colleagues (and a daughter) who are HR Professionals and many of them have agreed with me, ‘way more of the ‘direct outreach’ candidates get hired (from a percentage perspective) than the people who send in resumes in response to job ads, through the designated channel.’

So How Do You Get A GREAT Job in Business Through The Hidden Job Market?

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