Here are 7 Secrets To Start Using The Hidden Job Market As Your Competitive Advantage:

1. Be Pro-active

… spend some time thinking about who you would like to work for?

light-sunset-man-beachYou can start by asking yourself these three questions, 1) Geographically where would you like to live? 2) What Industry (or industries) exist in that geographic region of the world? 3) Who are the top 3 companies in that industry, in the region you want to live?

Fortunately careers in business, especially finance, accounting and management, exist in every single industry – so you have your pick. What industry would you like to work?

2. Research The Needs Of Your Top 3 Companies Related To Your Strengths

hands-coffee-cup-apple… research is fairly easy to do.  You are collecting this research to use in a 3P Letter (Purpose, Pain, Passion Letter) which is explained in secret #5 below.   Use the Company Website as one source of information (purpose) and news.  Use LinkedIn as another source to review profiles of employees who work for the company in various positions. Take note of how long people have been working there? What schools have they been hiring from? Are people being promoted to new positions (do they have more than one position listed in their profiles from the same company)?  Google the company and see if it has been in the news

3.  Start Networking.  Get The Word Out – Get Everyone Working For You

Tell everyone who will listen that you want to work for XYZ Company…and why (your research).

Networking restaurant-people-alcohol-barAsk if they know anyone who works there?  Ask them to keep you in mind for your type of work (finance, accounting, marketing, operations, etc.)

Some places to start your networking?  Start with LinkedIn, reach out to people you know from school (students, professors, career services personnel); past employers; neighbours; friends of family.

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