“Secret Ways You Can Use the Hidden Job Market For Your Competitive Advantage” continues …

4.  Research The Hiring Managers Or Department Heads

For the 3 top companies that you would like to work, do some research online to see if you can find out who the managers or department heads are.  Is there anyone you already know working in the company?

WORKING sunglasses-hand-smartphone-deskYou can do this research on LinkedIn.  See more about researching LinkedIn information in the PDF download.    Start asking around if anyone knows someone who works for this company.  Get leads or contacts by asking friends, neighbours, past professors.  Friends of your parents are a good source of contacts … or friends of your friend’s parents.  Do you know what your friends parents do for a living?  Start paying attention to all of these networking circles.

5.  Send a 3P Letter (Purpose, Pain, Passion Letter or Video) To The Hiring Manager or Department Head

Gaps in Resume LARGERThis is where you really start to stand out from the crowd.  Once you have done your research, know a little about the company or industry, you can write a great 3P Letter or produce a 3P Video (amateur is okay) directly to the manager or department head.   Details about 3P Letter can be found in the Full PDF document when you sign up to Careers Getting Started Newsletter .  I can almost guarantee you will get noticed … and getting noticed is 3/4 of the battle when in your job search.  If the person on the receiving end of your letter or video isn’t needing someone right away, they are likely to talk about you to one of their colleagues about you – in amazement – and who knows what doors may open for you.

True Story: One recent graduate who did this (in video format) sent his video to the manager in an email on a Wednesday evening about 10pm.  By Thursday morning 10am, he was receiving a phone call from the managers executive assistant asking if he would come in Friday or Monday to meet the manager.  It was in a different city, so he went Monday, had a second interview later that week and was hired. . . for a position that didn’t even exist! They made up the job for him … and months later now, they are loving him.  They see him as someone who finds solutions.

6.  Follow-up With A Request For An Information Interview

If you don’t hear in 3 days of them receiving your written letter or video, follow up with an email or phone call, noting the 3P Letter or Video you sent (Give it a name), and ask if they would have 15 minutes for an information interview to sit down with you.  Be prepared to answer the question ‘why you want this meeting or information interview”.   Remember you aren’t just asking for a job, because they will tell you they don’t have any openings right now and that will close the door.  Ask if you can talk to them about their latest acquisition, or about something related to the news, or about their own personal career (as an accountant, engineer, in operations, etc).

7.  Nailing the Information Interview

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The Hidden Job Market

Your greatest chance to be hired in the hidden job market is by being ‘the right person, at the right place, at the right time’.   Getting an information interview with your company of choice is a huge step toward becoming that ‘right person’.   Your goal in the information interview … just getting them to like you!   The Likeability Factor plays a huge role in getting a person thinking you are someone they would like to work with.  How do you get them to like you?  Ask them Qs that get them talking about themselves. (get full PDF report free as a BONUS when you subscribe to the weekly Careers Getting Started news).

Leave the information interview thanking them for their time and information.  Let it be clear to them you are interested in their company (or profession) so if they ever hear of anything opening up to think of you.  Your job is done.  Wait for the phone to ring 🙂

Rinse and repeat Secrets #1 through #7 for each company you’d like to work for.  Using this pro-active method it won’t take long and you’ll be working in your dream job.  Continued Success!

by Deborah Clarke, CPA, CMA, MBA, Founder and CEO, eBizCoach.ca


Deborah Clarke is an online entrepreneur and virtual career coach who is pioneering the way graduates and entrepreneurs find success in a new converging global marketplace.

My goal is to help thousands of students and recent graduates, all over the world, to figure out ‘what it is’ they should be doing next in their careers, and how it can be authentic to ‘who they are’. Imagine all the good we can do in this world, once we are all motivated to work to our full potential.  

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