As an online entrepreneur and virtual career coach, Deborah Clarke is pioneering the way graduates and entrepreneurs find success in a new converging global marketplace.

My goal is to help thousands of students and recent graduates, all over the world, to figure out ‘what it is’ they should be doing next in their careers, and how it can be authentic to ‘who they are’. Imagine all the good we can do in this world, once we are all motivated to work to our full potential.  
Deborah Clarke

Graduates – A new online program “Discover 7 Key Success Factors to Personally Kick-Start Your Life and Career After Graduation” launched April 2015.   This Step-by-Step self discovery program will identify your most marketable strengths and will help you script your signature story so everyone you meet becomes part of your career network promoting you!

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Deborah Clarke, CPA, CMA, MBA

deborah-slider3Deborah Clarke is no stranger to the business world or working with business students. She has been on campus for the past 15 years fondly referred to as the ‘Career Lady’, helping hundreds of College and University students transition into some pretty amazing careers in business. Deborah has recently retired from CMA/CPA Ontario and has gone back to her entrepreneurial roots, as a Career Coach, providing business and personal success advice and resources through innovative online training programs.

Dubbed ‘a catalyst for change’ at an early age, Deborah has long been a voice for entrepreneur’s success. She started her first business at the age of 24, sold it to one of her employees three years later and started her second entrepreneurial venture. She authored a book, Live Your Dream, about setting goals for personal success at the age of 28. Then she became an accountant … and for the last 20 years she excelled in business using those same entrepreneurial skills to help larger organizations succeed.

“We’re fortunate to have Deborah back helping our students, virtually this time, to provide some practical advice about careers and life after graduation.” Says Dr. Mitch Rothstein, Director of the DAN Management Program, Western University, London, Canada. “She returns with some concrete tools and self-discovery exercises that students won’t get anywhere else. Deborah truly understands the career challenges faced by students after graduation and they have expressed enthusiastic appreciation for her advice and coaching.”

guaranteeSince leaving CPA Ontario Deborah’s become a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach. To say she understands marketing is an understatement. She will help you discover your most marketable assets and she will challenge you to own your worth. She knows how to bring out the best in people. If you haven’t already connected with her on LinkedIn or her other social media channels you should.

Get to know Deborah, watch her videos, learn her career strategies, apply some of the practical exercises, tools, and theories to your life. It could be life-changing for you. Much of her information will stay with you for a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed.