3 Ways to Determine If You Are A Trep …

So what is a Trep? I aim in this article to put some definition around this word for new young entrepreneurs, although the term ‘young’ may only be a frame of mind, with nothing to do with age.

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Treps are Young Entrepreneurs.

1) Children of Boomers:

You are likely the child of someone from the baby boomer generation. You were born between 1972 and 1992. In 2015 you are 23-43 years old. While your parents are starting to stress over what lays ahead for them, nearing or entering retirement, you are also entering a critical time in your lives.

What I had previously labelled as “settling down years” in my first book, Live Your Dream (c) 1987, I’m noting one of the first differences of this generation.

2) Raised with Change:

You are a generation that has been raised with ‘change’, you have learned to explore, innovate or adapt in almost every part of your life. “Settling down” has been postponed for many of you who are living the dream as individuals or with partners without children or full-time positions.

3) Curious and Exploring the World:

You are exploring the world, which has become quite small for your generation. You have friends all over the world. You are moving from city to city, find your way on your terms.

But while these ‘settling down’ years, defined as settling into one city, with one full-time job, with one partner and possibly children may be delayed, they are likely to still happen in the timeframe of your years 23-43. While much changes between generation, much also stays the same. We would like to think we are very unpredictable folk, but reality is we are more predictable than most of us would care to admit.

TREPS man-relax-couch-study

So, back to those years, often referred to as our settling-down years or “family-oriented years”. These are years when successful young entrepreneurs are less likely to take risks that may jeopardized the stability of their families. I know this to be true, because you are exactly where I was when I wrote my first book in 1987. Yes … I was 28 years old when the book was first published (long before the internet even existed). What is more relevant to you, is the transition place that I was in at the age of 28 – and I’m guessing you are in a similar place. Writing the book “Live Your Dream” was therapy for me. I’m pleased to provide you with a Free 2015 revised edition today to help you (and remind you) to Live Your Dream too.

You, as Generation Y (Echo Boomers), must face this time period in your lives by strategically planning both your personal and business goals. Those of you willing to be assertive enough to take charge of your lives will be the most likely to succeed.

It’s your turn – LIVE YOUR DREAM.

But it is NOT just the three points above that define you as a Trep – you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. To a certain degree, we all need to be Entrepreneurs.

What is an Entrepreneur?

I consider all persons who are interested in the business of successful living to be entrepreneurs – at least at heart. Let me explain: the dictionary definition of entrepreneur is, “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.” We all understand the role of entrepreneurs in small business, but consider the word enterprise and its dictionary definition, “a project or undertaking which is difficult, complicated and risky.” Doesn’t that definition apply to life in general?

I consider life to be a big undertaking; it certainly is complicated and risky at the best of times. Am I right? If you consider yourself an entrepreneur by these definitions, then it seems to make more sense to approach this business of successful living by using the same strategies and drive that you would use for any business venture. As you systematically organize and manage your game-plan for life, you’ll find it necessary to spend some time soul-searching and thinking about what lies ahead for you. This book will be a very helpful tool; after all, you are risking a lot – your happiness and fulfillment in life.

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What’s next for YOU?

So you can be a “Trep” if you meet the 3 criteria above and you have an entrepreneurial mindset (whether in business for yourself ‘yet’ or not). With a Trep Mindset I’m convinced we’ll be seeing you in business someday, even if the time isn’t right now. You can successfully integrate your entrepreneurial mindset in the corporate world (we need more broad, innovative thinkers willing to take risks, like you in the corporate world.)

Writing Live Your Dream was therapy for me. I started writing it at a time in my life, career, when I felt all of my major goals had been fulfilled. A time when my goals had caught up with me … and I was left pondering “what will be next”. I transitioned from young entrepreneur to the corporate world where I worked successfully for 20+ years, but always with an entrepreneurial mindset that served me well.

Treps May Feel Satisfied But Are Lacking A Passion in Life That Will Take Them To The Next Level

Feelings of being satisfied but lacking passion for life, (or longing for more out of life) seem to be common to this time in your life. No-one is immune to these feelings, your social or economic level makes no difference. Somehow we have to realize what it is that we are really chasing in life. The only security we have is within ourselves. Treps are okay knowing this.

A notable shift for this rewrite of Live Your Dream (from 1987-2015), is the increase of the number of people who share this feeling of being ‘satisfied, but lacking passion for life’. I blame this on a social media syndrome, we are so connected today, we watch people post the happiest things going on in their lives and we compare ourselves. Without consciously thinking about it, we can’t help but compare. It is absolutely essential that you live your own life, your way, not comparing – be thankful for the ability to stay in touch with family and friends through social media channels, but don’t use it as a measure to compare. Understand pictures don’t show the entire story, they are a fixed moment in time. While you may see happy smiling faces and good times, there may be something very lacking in the person, family, lives being depicted in the photo. Be thankful to be connected, but don’t compare. Work on making your own memories (shared or not).

Thankfully Treps all get this … Happiness comes from With-in!

This book, Live Your Dream (c) 2015, will help you capture that elusive something which will lead you to success and happiness. It will help you to LIVE YOUR DREAM, or, perhaps more important – make your dream come true. It is my guess that many of you will find out after a lot of thought, (as I did) that your happiness must come from within yourself. Once you find that inner happiness, the nagging need for something more in life will disappear. It is my goal with this book, to help you find that inner happiness, and with it, an inner peace.

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Please take me up on this free preliminary copy of the revised eBook, Live Your Dream. It comes from a very genuine place in my heart, to help you Live Your Dream.

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by Deborah Clarke, Author, Live Your Dream (c) 1987, 2015