Take Charge – Success Will Happen To You

I’ll never forget something that my brother, six years my junior, once said to me in my 20’s.

“You’ll know what’s good about you? You’re out there running when everyone else is just walking.”

GUY jumping man-person-jumping-desert

Success has no gender.   There is no criteria for sex, age or marital-status in the definition of success. It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age. Success has no gender, and most of all, it can (and will) happen to YOU.   You make it happen.

The reason our world is so wonderful to live in is that each person is so different; we all want different things out of life. There are successful people surrounding us in all areas of our lives. There isn’t one mold, one definition of success. One thing I am positive of, is that the successful person closest to you should be you.

Some say you can’t be original, everything has been done – but you can be authentic, be happy, be yourself.  Your success, is your story. It’s our stories that make us interesting individuals.

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