What Keeps YOU Motivated?

When asked at the age of 27, “What keeps you so motivated?” I explained that I had been writing out goals for myself for fifteen years; I had already seen a good majority of those goals materialize, many which I thought would take a lifetime to achieve. When your goals become real in your life, one by one, you can’t help but be excited and motivated, ready to plan your next move. It’s not writing out the goals that motivates me, it’s seeing them become real that’s motivating.

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The Trick …

The trick to seeing our goals become reality is to set them in the first place. You’ll never feel the same satisfaction if accomplishments happen by accident, or by someone else’s planning. So many opportunities are passed by simply because you were unable to recognize them as such. Soon you’ll not only be able to capitalize on those opportunities, but you’ll be able to create even more.

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