Never Lose Focus Of What’s Most Important To You

What does success look like for you (what will make you happy) – today, this week, this month, next 90 days, this year?  If you can answer these questions you will be able to recognize and appreciate your success and happiness.

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You won’t just wake up one day ‘a successful person’.     Success is a journey … IT’S THE WAY YOU LIVE EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. So time to enjoy, right?

What really matters to you?

Although there are sure to be deviations from your original plan, you must always remember what it is you are working towards and continue to strive in that general direction. It doesn’t do any good to start out like wild fire; if you are starting out in fifteen different directions – you’ll end up going nowhere. Many times I’ve had to sit down and refocus, or re-evaluate, then start out again. If you are an ideas’ person you will relate to that statement. Recognizing this need is key to keeping you moving forward in a pro-active, meaningful way.   If you start with your end goal in mind, you can find out how to systematically achieve that goal. If you never set an end goal (and several sub-goals along the way), you’ll never get the satisfaction of achieving your goals set.

Lesson to remember: You must take charge of your life and your happiness.  Do it now and in the future, once you do – success will happen to you too!

By Deborah Clarke, Author, Live Your Dream, (c) 1987, 2015

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