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The Big Generation – Me

I, like over seven million persons born in Canada between 1951 and 1966, am part of a very big generation. Over 400,000 births were recorded in Canada every year for that fifteen year period. We have already had a tremendous impact on society – opening schools as we entered them, causing a sudden need for more teachers, and then closing schools behind us as we left them. We also caused, what has become known as an ‘echo-boom’, with our children born in the years 1972 – 1992 (perhaps that is you reading this book now).

In 2015 this generation will range from ages 49-64. Yes, the youngest of us is approaching 50 and the oldest of us will soon be collecting Pensions (age 65). If you are one of the boomer children, in 2015 you are likely to be in the age range 23-43.

What is more interesting, and perhaps more relevant to you, is that I wrote Live Your Dream when I was only 28 years old (1987) a time when I was struggling to know what to do next. All of my major life goals to that point were caught up … I felt a bit like the end of the fairy tale story when they write “… and they lived happily ever after.” BUT, I was only 28 years old, so this book was therapy for me.  It helped me through a major transition time in my young life and it’s helped thousands of people, like you and me since.  In 2015 I rewrote the book to update the language, a lot has changed since 1987 as far as communications, the volume of ‘information’ we are presented with daily (the internet) and the tools we use to form our thoughts, dreams and goals. But, what hasn’t changed is the major transitions we all work through in our lives between the ages 23-43 … and beyond.

LYD Back Cover

This was me on the back cover of Live Your Dream 1987

LYD Cover Business Trends mag

This was me on the cover of Business Trends Magazine promoting my new book, 1987.

Deborah Clarke As Seen On

This is me today, at the time of rewriting Live Your Dream, 2015.











Generation Y or Echo Boom – You

This book has been re-written for you – the children of boomers – born between 1972 and 1992.  As mentioned, in 2015 you are 23-43 years old. While your parents are starting to stress over what lays ahead for them, nearing or entering retirement, you are also entering a critical time in your lives.   What I had previously labelled as “settling down years” in my first book, I’m noting another of the differences of this generation.   You are a generation that has been raised with ‘change’, you have learned to explore, innovate or adapt in almost every part of your life. “Settling down” has been postponed for many of you who are living the dream as individuals or with partners without children or full-time positions. You are exploring the world, which has become quite small. You are moving from city to city, find your way on your terms. But while these ‘settling down’ years, defined as settling into one city, with one full-time job, with one partner and possibly children may be delayed, they are likely to still happen in the timeframe of your years 23-43. While much changes between generation, much also stays the same. We would like to think we are very unpredictable folk, but reality is we are more predictable than most of us would care to admit.

So, back to those years, often referred to as our settling-down years or “family-oriented years”. These are years when successful young entrepreneurs are less likely to take risks that may jeopardized the stability of their families. I know this to be true, because you are exactly where I was when I wrote this book the first time in 1987. Yes … I was 28 years old when the book was first published (long before the internet even existed). What is more relevant to you, is the transition place that I was in at the age of 28 – and I’m guessing you are in a similar place. This book was therapy for me to Live My Dream … and I’m pleased to provide you with a revised edition today to help you (and remind you) to Live Your Dream too.


You, as Generation Y (Echo Boomers), must face this time period in your lives by strategically planning both your personal and business goals. Those of you willing to be assertive enough to take charge of your lives, (and your purchase of this book indicates to me that you are) will be the most likely to succeed.


So, this book is for you, a member of Generation Y; but this book is also for people who are interested in taking charge of their lives – no matter what generation they come from. If you have a dream, it is never too early or too late to pursue it. I urge you not to abandon your dreams, but to read on and learn how to LIVE YOUR DREAM.


It’s your turn – LIVE YOUR DREAM.  

We all need to be Entrepreneurs

I consider all persons who are interested in the business of successful living to be entrepreneurs – at least at heart.   Let me explain: the dictionary definition of entrepreneur is, “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.” We all understand the role of entrepreneurs in small business, but consider the word enterprise and its dictionary definition, “a project or undertaking which is difficult, complicated and risky.” Doesn’t that definition apply to life in general?

I consider life to be a big undertaking; it certainly is complicated and risky at the best of times. Am I right?   If you consider yourself an entrepreneur by these definitions, then it seems to make more sense to approach this business of successful living by using the same strategies and drive that you would use for any business venture. As you systematically organize and manage your game-plan for life, you’ll find it necessary to spend some time soul-searching and thinking about what lies ahead for you. This book will be a very helpful tool; after all, you are risking a lot – your happiness and fulfillment in life.

What’s next for YOU?

Writing this book was therapy for me. I started writing it at a time in my life, career, when I felt all of my major goals had been fulfilled. A time when my goals had caught up with me … and I was left pondering “what will be next”.

Transition Period

You will experience many “transition periods” in your life as well. I have often referred to these time periods as my “fresh out of school, can do anything” feeling. The first time most people relate to this “feeling” is when it comes time to leave high school and go on to college, university or work. What you need to understand is you will experience this same “feeling” many times in your life. We all do. Some transition periods require an in-depth self- assessment. So don’t be too hard on yourself, it is okay to be where you are right now in your life. You will work through this ‘transition’ now, everyone experiences these feelings at some point and you will again and again throughout your life. What is different, is that our experiences happen at different times – so our transitions in life happen at different times. But what I have found, is these transitions do happen in a wide span but typically a similar time in most of our lives.

Satisfied but lacking for passion in Life?

Feelings of being satisfied but lacking passion for life, (or longing for more out of life) seem to be common to this time in your life. No-one is immune to these feelings, your social or economic level makes no difference. Somehow we have to realize what it is that we are really chasing in life. The only security we have is within ourselves.

A notable shift for this rewrite of Live Your Dream, is the increase of the number of people who share this feeling of being ‘satisfied, but lacking passion for life’.   I blame this on a social media syndrome, we are so connected today, we watch people post the happiest things going on in their lives and we compare ourselves. Without consciously thinking about it, we can’t help but compare. It is absolutely essential that you live your own life, your way, not comparing – be thankful for the ability to stay in touch with family and friends through social media channels, but don’t use it as a measure to compare. Understand pictures don’t show the entire story, they are a fixed moment in time. While you may see happy smiling faces and good times, there may be something very lacking in the person, family, lives being depicted in the photo.   Be thankful to be connected, but don’t compare. Work on making your own memories (shared or not).

Happiness comes from With-in

This book will help you capture that elusive something which will lead you to success and happiness. It will help you to LIVE YOUR DREAM, or, perhaps more important – make your dream come true. It is my guess that many of you will find out after a lot of thought, (as I did) that your happiness must come from within yourself. Once you find that inner happiness, the nagging need for something more in life will disappear. It is my goal with this book, to help you find that inner happiness, and with it, an inner peace.

POEM: Thinking

If you think you are beaten, you are;

if you think you dare not, you don’t;

if you’d like to win but think you can’t,

it’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost

for out in the world we find

Success begins with a fellow’s will,

it’s all in his state of mind.


If you think you’re outclassed, you are;

you’ve got to think high to rise,

you’ve got to be sure of yourself before

you can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go

to the stronger or faster man;

but sooner or later the man who wins

is the man who thinks he can.


  • Written by Walter D Wintle.
  • Remarkably little is known about Walter D. Wintle except that he was a poet who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century – See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/8624439-Thinking-by-Walter-D-Wintle#sthash.93VD3zOO.dpuf
  • Interestingly, when I first published this book and poem, I didn’t know the title and I had to state author unknown. Now, with the internet, I was able to source this poem back to                333Walter D Wintle.



Chapter 1 – Take Charge – Success Will Happen to You

Chapter 2 – Problems and Choices

Chapter 3 – No NEW Secrets for Success


Chapter 1

Take Charge – Success will happen to You

I’ll never forget something that my brother, six years my junior, once said to me in my 20’s.

“You’ll know what’s good about you? You’re out there running when everyone else is just walking.”



For the record, let’s start with the dictionary definition of success.

Success – degree of measure of succeeding / a favourable termination of a venture / the attainment of wealth, favour or eminence. / one that succeeds.

Succeed – to turn out well / to attain a desired objective or end. Syn. – prosper, thrive, flourish.

Successful – resulting or terminating in success / gaining or having gained success.

Success has no gender.   As you can see by the above, there is no criteria for sex, age or marital-status in the definition of success. It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age. Success has no gender, and most of all, it can (and will) happen to YOU.   You make it happen.

I am a true believer of the idea that success means something different to everyone. Wouldn’t life be boring if each person had the same criteria for success? Imagine everyone working in the same way, with no one leading, no promotions, no titles – everyone driving the same make of car – living in the same type of house – having the same views on all important matters in life. The reason our world is so wonderful to live in is that each person is so different; we all want different things out of life and there are successful people surrounding us in all areas of our lives. There isn’t one mold, one definition of success, but one thing of which I am positive is that the successful person closest to you should be you.

Today, it is everyone for him/herself. The days have long gone of living for someone else, waiting hand and foot on someone else, having no self-identity or self-respect. Today, everyone must be out to look after him/herself, while still remaining a loveable and desirable person. Being able to help others along the way is half the fun and reward of success.

Your success, is your story. It’s our stories that make us interesting individuals.

Option of making Choices

Success should see you doing exactly what you want to be doing, and the easiest way to be the best at what you are doing is to enjoy doing it. That all sounds easy and very basic, but unfortunately it isn’t always that easy. More often than not people get themselves into positions which are other than what they wanted. This happens for many reasons:

peer pressure – doing something because someone else wants to see you do it;

confusion – not knowing your real wants and needs;

the easy way out – it didn’t take any in-depth thought to get here.

We all have the option of making choices – yet some people don’t exercise that option to benefit themselves – and again that is their choice. If you feel you are one of those people, you have already taken a step forward to overcome and change that. Believe it or not, the most successful people in the world “make” success happen to them. Others who aren’t so successful sit back and just “let” life happen to them.

What keeps YOU motivated?

When asked at the age of 27, “What keeps you so motivated?” I explained that I had been writing out goals for myself for fifteen years; I had already seen a good majority of those goals materialize, many which I thought would take a lifetime to achieve. When your goals become real in your life, one by one, you can’t help but be excited and motivated, ready to plan your next move. It’s not writing out the goals that motivates me, it’s seeing them become real that’s motivating.

The Trick …

The trick to seeing our goals become reality is to set them in the first place. You’ll never feel the same satisfaction if accomplishments happen by accident, or by someone else’s planning. So many opportunities are passed by simply because you were unable to recognize them as such. Soon you’ll not only be able to capitalize on those opportunities, but you’ll be able to create even more.

What does Success mean to you?

For several years during career week I spoke to one of our area secondary schools about setting goals. It has been a life-long objective to help young people realize they must take charge of their own lives; they must become responsible for themselves now, and in the future. For many of them it was the first time to be introduced to goal-setting.

The responses I would get were interesting. When I would ask what success means to them – quite often the general response goes like this.

“I see myself 35 years old, career ______, kids, house, car, all the materialistic things …”

I remind these young people that in order to reach the age of 35 years old and have all these things they have to do something between now and then. Then I also remind them that they will have a lot of living to do after the age of 35. But the most important comment I have to make to them, and to you today, is

You won’t just wake up one day ‘a successful person’.

Success is a journey … IT’S THE WAY YOU LIVE EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. So time to enjoy, right?

What is Goal-setting?

A detailed list of your personal, career, and materialistic goals in life.

Personal Career Materialistic
Spiritual (inner/outer) Career satisfaction Financial Gain
Family goals Business Growth Material items
Physical/Health related Professional Development All money buys
Character traits Financial rewards

Your personal success and happiness will depend on you achieving a balance in all three areas.

Importance of Setting Goals

  • helps you think about your future
  • helps you to make wise choices
  • helps you to recognize opportunity
  • keeps you motivated, striving to be your best
  • a good way to acknowledge your accomplishments

Exercise: Things I like to do    In order for you to put the passion, desire into anything, you must like what you are doing. Make a list of all of the things that you like to do.   Eg. Hobbies? Types of clothes you like to wear? Hours you like to work? Hours you like to have to socialize/be with family? People you like to be around? Type of work you like (physical, mentally)? What interests do you have (sports, computers, cameras, video’s, etc.)?

Make a list….

Things I like to do


We all have Choices

I want to help anyone who feels they are in a rut, to recognize that we all have choices. What/where and who we are today are all due to choices we’ve made. If you do not like where your choices have taken you – change them!   Today we call this ‘mindset’. The great thing about ‘mindset’ is you can change it in an instant.

Think of people you consider to be successful. Are they persons with a prestigious position – corporate or professional? Learn more about them – the city/district they live in, the kind of car they drive, the kind of home they live in, and everything you can learn about their lives in general. As I work with more and more people in senior, professional positions I’ve come to realize and appreciate how we’re all the same. Real people.

Maybe you admire someone who always looks like a million bucks. By learning some simple imagery techniques you can look the same, and guess what they wear at home? Not too different from you I bet. Remind yourself of that successful person or family from your home town who seemed to have everything, and who still drove that sports or luxury car you have always admired. You may learn that the family has since split up, claimed bankruptcy, lost everything, except – of course – the luxury sports car (because it was leased). Is that what success means to you? What I’ve tried to do here is to have you picture the successful people whom you have envied so much, and have you recognize they too are real people like you and me. Perhaps the only difference between those persons and you is their outlook on life, and the knowledge of what’s important to them.

Never lose focus of what’s most important to You

Success takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve witnessed someone else’s misfortune, suddenly things that seemed so important become very minor. Ultimately, success should go hand-in-hand with happiness, and should not become so overpowering to you that you lose perspective of that. I’ll add here once again,

success is simply an inner happiness.


You have to agree that all of the successful people that surround you, in any field, all seem to have one common quality, they know where they are going. They always seem to be one step ahead of the crowd. While others are still celebrating a recent achievement, the person who enjoys the art of successful living has already moved on to his/her next venture.

You might be thinking now of several people you know whom are constantly reaching for the stars and are continuing to get nowhere. Guess why? While it is important to always move ahead – you must have a detailed plan of where you are going.

What really matters to you?

Although there are sure to be deviations from your original plan, you must always remember what it is you are working towards and continue to strive in that general direction. It doesn’t do any good to start out like wild fire; if you are starting out in fifteen different directions – you’ll end up going nowhere. Many times I’ve had to sit down and refocus, or reevaluate, then start out again. If you are an ideas’ person you will relate to that statement. Recognizing this need is key to keeping you moving forward in a pro-active, meaningful way.   If you start with your end goal in mind, you can find out how to systematically achieve that goal. If you never set an end goal (and several sub-goals along the way), you’ll never get the satisfaction of achieving your goals set.

Lesson to remember: You must take charge of your life, presently and in the future, once you do – success will happen to you too!

I Hope You Enjoyed This Free Sample Of Chapter 1

Take Charge: Success Will Happen To You


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This book build on 3 important pillars for success:


Being proactive, rather than reactive, throughout your life is thinking in the terms of Attitude, Awareness, and Action. Let me explain how attitude, awareness and action will influence every decision you make:

ATTITUDE [choosing how you look at everything]

Absolutely everything you do is influenced by your attitude. It is quite simply the single most important factor in determining your success or failure.   Attitude influences your outlook on life and every situation that will happen to you in your life. This should be the base ‘check-point’ for you in all decisions to be proactive.

AWARENESS [acquiring your skills, knowledge and resources]

But, attitude alone is not enough. We all have limitations, and must act responsible, be knowledgeable enough to make choices that will enhance our being, not hinder it. This is where awareness comes into play. It is the step that allows you to ‘learn how’, find out what you need to know to make wise choices and solid decisions.

You have certainly walked through important awareness exercises in chapter 3, discovering what success really means to you. Your most predominant strengths, qualities and values. Earlier in this chapter I hope you’ve been able to identify with the difference between being ‘proactive’ vs ‘reactive’ in your response to given situations.

In chapter six, I want to make you aware of how you can further enhance your likelihood to succeed by using external influences to your best advantage.

ACTION [taking steps forward]

Attitude and Awareness are key elements in preparing yourself for success, but nothing will happen until you put this information into ACTION. Chapters seven through ten will provide you with concrete exercises, theory and practical application to do just that, GO FOR IT.

I TRULY HOPE You Enjoyed this free chapter of Live Your Dream … I’m convinced it can help you as it helped me.  Cheers, Deborah Clarke.