What’s A Memory Jar?

No matter the time of year or joy I am experiencing in my life, I’m constantly reminded of people who are suffering. Suffering loss, unhappiness or finding oneself lost in life one way or another.

It’s important we find inspiration in our everyday activities to help one anotherTo share happiness when we have happiness to share.  To seek an inner peace through friendship when we have sadness to share.

Recently I had a wildly successful entrepreneur, author and mentor reach out through an email during a time of her suffering.  She had just lost her mother to cancer and her father fell and broke his hip before the funeral! Imagine, the pain and suffering of her family.

Her personal story, led me to share an activity that has lifted my own family during times of celebrations – my mothers 60th birthday (a 4x cancer survivor, now age 78!!), then each of my respective siblings 40th birthdays.  Suddenly I realize this activity started 18 years ago in my family J!


Sending you love and prayers for you and your father.  Savor the lovely memories with your mom. Share them with your father and family.

Here is an idea to put in some time bedsidemake a memory jar!  You and your brother can each put in 30 memories, (to represent the 60 years your mom and dad were married and raised you).  Start each memory with “I remember …” it may start off slow to think of what to say, but before long the memories will be flowing … it will be a great gift to share with your dad. And will be a great exercise for both you and your brother.  Interestingly your brother will share many memories that you may never had!  Enjoy!!


  1. Start a Note (on your iPhone) or Document (on your laptop) with Numbers 1 – 30. Or any evenly divided number based on what you are celebrating or savoring. (Eg. 20-20-20 if three of you are splitting a 60 year memory; or 20-20 if splitting a 40 year memory, etc.)
  2. Add a memory to each line, starting with “I Remember…”
  3. When done print the page,
  4. Cut each memory into a strip.
  5. Put all 60 memories into a clear or fancy jar,
  6. Pull them out at random to read them.

It is so much fun!! Great family activity.    I pulled them all out to read them all, I couldn’t wait to see what they said.  My mom, pulled out one each day and read it to start her day.  We are all different, but memories can feed the soul and are most-often fun to share!

No Matter What You Are Experiencing In Life Today, Stay Strong!


From the Desk of Deborah Clarke:

Chasing success and happiness has been a lifelong theme for me. I started setting goals when I was only 12 years old (yes, really!), by age 26 I felt my life was being scripted like the end of a fairy-tale book when they say, ‘… and they lived happily ever after.’ With all of my major goals caught up, I struggled to know what success and happiness should look like moving forward.

My struggles turned into research and writing. In 1987, Live Your Dream was born. Now, 30 years later, with my family grown and a complicated 3-way merger complete, I retired from the corporate world to return to my entrepreneurial roots and writing.

Today, more than chasing success and dreams, I’m focusing on making memories and helping as many people as I can to live a dream life. #Millennials #You’veGotThis The result is an amazing set of Live Your Dream books to inspire you and to help you define what success and happiness truly means to you. When defining success and happiness you’ll find an inner peace.

When you discover an inner peace and happiness you’ll make success look easy!