The Likeability Factor Plays Huge Role When Networking In Business

Networking in business is less than comfortable for most people, even the most seasoned professionals.  It is important you think about your objective attending the networking event in the first place.   Is it to show support?  To give your company visibility?  To give yourself visibility within the company, or industry?  Is it for personal branding? Is it because your company asked you to go to represent them?  Once you are clear ‘why’ you are attending, you need to understand in all cases, regardless why you are going, you will want someone to remember you where actually there.

This is where the likeability factor comes in.  If someone likes you, they will remember you.

So if your goal is to ultimately be liked, and remembered by someone else in the room, here are 4 things to do:

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1 – Be Sincere

Don’t think flying around the room, shaking a lot of hands and giving everyone you meet a business card is going to do it.  That never has been a successful strategy and still isn’t.  People may take your card, but guaranteed it either will be dropped in the nearest trash after the event, or person won’t remember who you were to ever look your card up again anyway.  Today keeping business cards is such a rarity.  If you meet people genuinely, with sincerity to really want to get to know them, you have a better chance of them looking you up online and saving your contact information.  So how do you show your sincerity?  See next ‘thing to do’ in #2

2 – Be Interested

The easiest way to show your sincerity is to be interested in the person you are meeting.  Why are they at the networking event?  What do they want you to know about them?  Be interested in what they have to say.  Be interested in who they are.  Be interested in the company they represent.  Oh yes, the likeability factor, the easiest way to get someone to like you … get them talking about themselves.  So being interested, by asking questions that will get them talking about themselves is key! (PS – this works in all environments, not just networking.)

3 – Be Interesting

Now it’s your turn … how can you be interesting?  Remember  your purpose for being at the networking event.  Then think of a couple of stories that you could share that will help you be remembered, keeping the reason you are at the event in mind.  People love and remember stories you tell.  What’s your story?

4 -Be Yourself

Bottom line, be yourself.  In all cases people will remember us if they like us.  You will be remembered as likeable if you get the person you meet talking about themselves, and by being yourself.  People like us for all of our quirks and differences.  Don’t be afraid of letting your uniqueness shine through.  Don’t be afraid of being perceived as ‘different’.  Different is great!  Different is what gets you remembered and networking is all about being remembered after the event.

Sound easy? Sure it is, the most important of these is to ‘be yourself’.   If you are yourself you will find a common ground and something of interest to talk about regardless of your background, or current status.  If you are ‘yourself’ you will be accepted for who you are, as you are, and you will have a better chance of being remembered.   So, take a deep breath, smile and enter the room!

by Deborah Clarke, CPA, CMA, MBA



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