Timing Is Everything!

We’ve all said it before, “Timing Is Everything”.  This week as I prepare for the launch of my new e-book Live Your Dream Goal Setting For Personal Success,  I found myself struggling to make correlation with why now?

Before I tell my story … look at the amazing reviews Live Your Dream is getting on Amazon!

[5-Star Review!] A Fresh Inspiring Perspective and Confidence Building Work Book

By Susan Lynn Suehr on September 25, 2015

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What a delightful read. I taken so many Tony Robbins courses and this honestly beats him hands down. Not months of agonizing lists of way challenging things to do, but real tangible fun exercises that get you focused. This book is a workshop in book. If you are stuck at all with anything in your life, using this book will get you where you want to go. She gives lots of exercises that are real and tangible for you to meeting not just ho hum goals, but your dream goals. Dare you dream big, well she is so inspiring that you cannot dream little any more after reading this book. She gives wonderful examples that inspire you and help you. Her fresh perspective is not the expected typical hype. It is a unique perspective that actually helps with everyday challenges we all face. The exercises are fun to do and quite an eye opening experience. I feel so confident now, that I believe I can do anything I make my mind up to do. If you fall, you feel you can go right back to the book and pick yourself back up and move forward. What an inspiring book!

Live Your Dream was originally released as a self-published novel in 1987, and then re-published as a workbook used at the college level in 1991,

Why was the timing right now. September 2015, to revise and republish “Live Your Dream” 28 years after the first book was released? And, coincidently today, the first day of fall – a new season – a new beginning …

I’ve been known my whole life for my positive influence and abundant lifestyle.

greig1In 2007, I recall sitting on the VIA train in business class, enroute home from Toronto to Wyoming, having a discussion with a playwright who sat beside me from Toronto to Stratford. We talked about writing and I mentioned I had self-published a book September 1987. Before leaving the train he smiled and said; “Sounds like this is the year, 20 years later, that you should be revisiting your book and getting it out there again. You still have time you know.” I thought to myself, yes 20 years later, that would be kind of cool…but I was busy in my career and it didn’t happen.

Then in 2012, I thought, this is the 25th anniversary of my book being published … it would be a good year to revise and republish, September 2012.  The organization I was working for was entering a 3-way merger and I was spending much of my time in Toronto (3 hour travel time each way to/from work on the train). I always told my family and friends I could see myself working in Toronto the last few years before retirement and I was doing it … so I was busy in my career and getting the book republished didn’t happen.

Then in late September 2014 the organization I was working for was nearing completion of the major 3-way merger and I was asked to take a retirement package, which I did. The timing was perfect. Now was the right time to start writing again. Since that time I’ve been busily learning all I can about online marketing and online business … and this time it did happen.

Over the course of the past year I have revised Live Your Dream, careful to keep the same tone and messaging as was intended by the 28 year old author of 1987. Much of the content is the same, but language has changed. Words like ‘briefcase’ aren’t relevant anymore, and reference to ‘settling down years’ are happening later in ones’ life with this current generation of 23-43 year olds.

Keep moving forward, no matter how many obstacles you encounter. The universe works in perfect ways.

So while searching for some relevant ‘signs’ why now might be the right time to revisit and revise Live Your Dream, it hit me. Live Your Dream was first published September 1987 – it is now September 2015, twenty-eight years later. Eureka! I was 28 years old when I authored and self-published the first book. Now 28 years later I am revising and republishing as an eBook with Amazon Kindle. The POWER of 28!

And then it hit me … I wrote the book as therapy for myself, to work through a major transition in my life (because all my goals felt caught up and it was too early in my life to be the fairy tale ending, “ …and they lived happily ever after”).  And now, my own daughters have started young families and are in exactly the same position I was 28 years ago … and guess what? My youngest daughter is 28 years old! The POWER of 28.  

I’m hoping someone reading this might be able to draw more into this coincidence of the POWER of 28. One other notation 2+8=10 and there are (and always have been) 10 Chapters in the book. I just keep smiling … it all feels so right.


If you have a dream, it’s never too late to research what is required and turn it into a new goal. It’s never too late to Live Your Dream.

Now it’s your turn – your goals will empower you to become  all you were meant to be.  Live Your Dream!

Proudly positioned with Amazon Kindle as an eBook, I welcome you to check out this new version Live Your Dream © 2015.   Share it with someone you love between the ages of 23 – 43.

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Sending you thoughts of health, wealth and happiness.

Deb C.

Deborah Clarke, CPA, CMA, MBA

Author, Live Your Dream © 1987, 1991, 2015