“Something Just Clicked!”

You have given me such great insight and something just clicked!  When doing the KSF4 Graduates course you talked a lot about finding your ‘niche’.

Before I got into finance and accounting I worked in the hospitality industry as a server and bartender.  I love event planning, restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife and have much experience in those industries.  Essentially, those are my niche industries.  So when I think of those industries, I think of companies like TIFF, Red Bull, Oliver & Boniccini, INK Entertainment, Steam Whistle Brewing, Labatts, Live Nation, Etc.

Now, I have more focus and can zone in on where I’d like to work and the type of work I’d like to do.

Your goal setting tools are key.  My 1 year goal plan, 90 day plan, and 1 week plan is an excellent way for me to stay focused and track my progress week after week.  The ability to interact with you in person online is amazing.  Thank you for your quick replies, I really appreciate your time.

 Peter Loveland, CPA, CMA Candidate
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“New Job, New City, New Friends, a New Life.”

Thanks to the Key Success Factors for Graduates Program (KSF4Graduates) I gained a new level of confidence and with that a new life.  If you are seriously ready for the next step take this program online, it works!  I was struggling not sure what to do after university – this program made all the difference for me.  I was ready and I did it: a new job, new city, new friends, a new life.  You can too!

 Wade T. Carey, Creative and Production Coordinator
Buchanan Group
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Deborah Clarke jump started my career.”

Deborah Clarke jump started my career. Her advice and guidance pointed me in the right direction when I was unsure of the industry I wanted to be in after University. Deborah planned out the steps I needed to take in order to be successful and it worked! I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

Sarah White, Financial Analyst
Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies
Markham, Ontario, Canada

“…I love your program and it’s been very helpful so far.”

I went to your info session earlier this term. I just wanted to let you know that I love your program and it’s been very helpful so far. I’ve just finished KSF3 so I still have a way to go, but just by sitting down and really thinking through these worksheets it’s boosted my confidence immensely. I really appreciate what you’ve done and know it will help me get started in my career. I look forward to completing the rest.

All the best, Jamie

Jamie S. – DAN Management Program Student,
Western University, London, Canada

“One of the most influential people in my career”

Deborah Clarke has been one of the most influential people in my career.  She helped me to identify my most marketable assets and shifted the way I thought about my career search.  Clearly I would not have secured the two awesome jobs I’ve had so far had I not connected with Deborah.

Bryan K. – [2012 grad] Senior Staff Accountant, PGA Tour,
Florida, USA

“Brought out the best in me.”

Deborah’s career guidance brought out the best in me.  She saw in me what I wanted employers to see in me.  I was able to match my personal and career interests with a great employer (first Holt Renfrew, now Mosaic).

Alanna M. [2011 Grad]
Sales Operations, Mosiac Solutions