Whenever You Need To Be Pulled Forward Think Of This ONE WORD.

People don’t tend to reach out to me when everything is going ‘fantastic’. People tend to reach out to me when they are feeling stuck, feeling hurt, feeling desperate, feeling in ‘need’ of something. People reach out to me when they are ready to move forward.

Are you ready to move forward?

Here is ONE WORD with the power to move you forward as the leader of your own life.


“Response – ability”

You have the ‘ABILITY’ to

Choose your “RESPONSE”

In any situation.

It’s not what happens to you

That hurts you most.

It’s how you choose to

Respond to what happens to you

That can hurt you (or help you).

You have the ‘ability’

(ATTITUDE – You Control Your Own Thoughts)

To choose your ‘response’

(AWARENESS – Think, Breathe, Get More Info)

Respond Wisely.

(ACTION – In a Timely Manner, Or Non-Action)

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Cheers for now,
Deborah Clarke, Author, Live Your Dream